About cattery

Why Maine Coon?

Maine Coon breed has develeped naturally without any human interference and stays the same to this day. Breeders role is restricted to maintaining all the external features specific to Maine Coon breed and at the same time rooting out any individuals straying from MCO standards.

Maine Coons are extremely docile despite their noticeable size and move with grace showing off their long fluffy tails. Being more on the lazy side they pose no threat to any precious objects or flowers located on furniture. Their master’s comfortable armchair or big pillow on one of windowsills are more then necessary for happy times even more so if said master is around. Maine Coons are very social cats that simply love people and will interact with them as much and as often as possible even to the point they react to their names in a similar manner as dogs – they will follow their master’s steps through the whole apartment. Maine Coon will repay in kind for any and each bit of love given to them with a friendly purr, affectionate gaze or maybe even a “kiss” with their rough tongue. This breed is very amicable both towards children of all ages and dogs of all races.

I am talking a lot with my Maine Coons and I am pretty positive they do understand me…

Kocia Łapa*PL (Cat’s Paw) is a small home-based cattery. We treat our animals (we also have a dog named Zina) with utmost care striving to provide them with the best enviroment for growth. Every day beside premium feed and other delicacies they receive our love and care.

Our cats are regularly dewormed, vaccined and have “negative” results in both FIV and FeLV tests. Two of them have taken tests in case of HCM. All of our cats, big or small, are under constant supervision of a veterinarian – they are well fed and healthy as a cat can be.

Kocia Łapa*PL cattery is a member of Polski Związek Felinologiczny (PZF) which is a part of World Cat Federation (WCF).

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